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Blackpool Tower
Blackpool TowerBlackpool rose to prominence as a major centre of tourism during the 19th century, particularly for the inhabitants of northern mill towns.

Blackpool is heavily dependent on tourism. In what is often regarded as its heyday (1900-1950), Blackpool thrived as the factory workers of northern England took their annual holidays there en masse.
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Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool zoo Blackpool Dance Festival is a world famous annual ballroom dance competition of international significance:

Blackpool Illuminations consisting of a series of lighted displays and collages arranged along the entire length of the sea front (11 km/7 miles), attract many visitors in September and October at a time when some resorts' holiday seasons have already ended.

Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool illumination Blackpool Illuminations are the the biggest temporary light show in the World. This is between 31 August - 4 November 2007.The Festival begins on 25th August with the opening of 'Artificial Sunshine'. There are more than 5,000 floodlights and spotlights. Forty-five staff, which include Artists, Electricians, Joiners Mechanics, Painters and Engineers, work all year round to ensure the displays are ready on time.
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Blackpool Tower Pleasure Beach Blackpool is Britain's top tourist attraction with nearly 6 million visitors annually.

Fun Weekends run up to the weekend of 27th & 28th March 2010 with reduced prices also continuing during the week commencing 29th March until Good Friday, 2nd April. On these special days all adult wristbands are only half price if booked online.

The Rivington site
Blackpool Tower The Rivington site is very close to Bolton Wanderers Reebok Stadium. During the Premier League Football Season, when there is a home game, there will be 30,000 people heading to Bolton. Please allow extra time for your journey and consider alternative routes.
Camelot Theme Park
Blackpool zoo If you apply for a season pass by 31st March 2010 you can visit as many times as you want for just £35 per person or £120 for a family of 4. You'll then have unlimited access to the park any day the park is open between the 2nd April and 5th September 2010.

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